Digital Neighborhood Watch Program

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Digital Neighborhood Watch Program Form

Let’s continue to work together to keep our community as safe as possible. 

Nowadays, many of us and our neighbors have exterior surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and wireless camera systems.  These are used to protect our property, areas surrounding our property, and our neighborhoods.   

The Lampasas Police Department would like to continue to partner with our community in combating crime.   If you have an exterior-facing surveillance system we would like you to join us by registering your system with our Digital Neighborhood House watch program.

Participation in the program is voluntary and does not grant law enforcement access to surveillance cameras or systems on private property or remote access to your system.  Residents and businesses may voluntarily add their name to a list kept on file so the department knows who to contact if a crime does take place in your area and a recording of the crime may be available.

The LPD has solved crimes with surveillance recordings of crimes in the past. The footage can aid in solving burglaries of vehicles and homes, thefts from property, damage to property, and many other crimes.

After registering your camera, you will only be contacted by the department if there is a crime that has occurred in the vicinity of your security camera.  At that time law enforcement may request to view the camera footage in order to assist in an investigation. 

Criminals look for easy targets, targets of opportunity, so let’s work together to make Lampasas a hard target and a safer community for all, register today.