Complaint Procedures

About the Process

The complaint process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Citizens who file complaints are treated respectfully, and their accusations are taken seriously. All complaints are investigated thoroughly, and all findings are based on impartial evidence gained during the investigation. However, many complaints can be explained satisfactorily by visit or telephone call to the employee's supervisor, usually the sergeant for officers and the communication supervisor for dispatchers. The supervisor will talk with you about your complaint and try to resolve it. The assistant chief of police will review and follow-up with your complaint should it not be resolved by an immediate supervisor.

Submitting a Complaint

Formal external allegations that assert misconduct, not criminal in nature, must be received by the department within 45 days of the act, or when the complainant can show good cause for not making the complaint within the specified time limit. The determination of good cause shall be the sole judgment of the chief of police. Allegations of misconduct that is criminal in nature will be received within their respective statute of limitations period, as specified in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

When possible, formal allegations of misconduct received from external sources will be reduced to writing, signed by the complainant and notarized. A notarized Department form describing Texas Penal Code Section 37.08 (False Report to a Peace Officer or Law Enforcement Employee) and the Texas Government Code Section 614.021-.023 (Subchapter B. Complaint Against Law Enforcement Officer or Fire Fighter) will be attached to the written complaint.

Anonymous allegations of misconduct, whether verbal or written, will be accepted; however, an anonymous allegation will be investigated only at the Chief's discretion or if it involves an alleged felony or Class A or B misdemeanor. All complaints will be dealt with in the same manner. Formal Complaints will be responded to in writing once the investigation is completed.