Livestock Ordinance

Questions and Answers Regarding the Livestock Ordinance in the City of Lampasas

Livestock Ordinance

1. Am I required to obtain a permit to have Livestock in the city limits of Lampasas?  

Answer: A permit is required for allowed Livestock.  Contact the Animal Control Officer at the Lampasas Police Department located at 301 East 4th Street or by calling (512) 556-3644.  

 2. How much does a Livestock Permit cost?  

Answer: Currently, there is no charge for allowed livestock. 

 3. Can I be fined if I don’t have a permit for my livestock? 

Answer: Yes, after January 2022, if livestock is on your property in the city limits and is found to not be permitted you can be in violation of a Class C Misdemeanor.  How much will that cost me? It could be a fine up to $500.00 per day per violation, in other words $500.00 per day per animal.      

 4. Can I have a Pot-Bellied Pig in the city? 

Answer: That depends on the type. The City of Lampasas does allow one Companion Pot-Bellied Pig, as per the City Ordinance provisions in Section 10-161 Domestic Pot-Bellied Pigs. 

 5. What Livestock is not permitted in the city of Lampasas?

Answer: Not allowed in the City of Lampasas is any swine, hog, pig, and pig species, to include pot-bellied pigs.  There is an exception for one companion pot-bellied pig.    Any species of ratites which includes but is not limited to, ostrich, emu, cassowary, and kiwi. Roosters, cockerels when over 4 months of age, guinea, guinea fowl, peafowl, or fighter fowl breeds, and any animal that is a Habitual Public Nuisance Animal. 

 6. What is a Habitual Public Nuisance Violator? 

Answer: An animal owner/caretaker convicted with three violations within the Livestock Ordinance, within a contiguous twelve (12) month period.  

 7. I hate to go outside and smell the stink of animals in my own back yard. 

Answer: The owner/caretaker of the animal shall ensure that both the animal and the area/shelter for the animal are properly maintained to prevent odor, health and sanitation problems. You can report foul odors to the Lampasas Police Department. 

 8. How close can my chicken coop be to my neighbor’s house?  

Answer: No pens, enclosures, hutches, cages, or other structures for animals in the livestock chapter will be permitted within twenty five (25) feet of any adjoining residentially zoned property, or any building used for human habitation that does not belong to the owner of the animals.   

 9. How many rabbits can I have in a coop? 

Answer: Small animal pens, hutches and coops are required to have a minimum of nine (9) square feet of space per small animal/rabbit.   So, the answer will depend on the size of the coop.  

 10. Can I combine animal units?  

Answer: Yes, as per the size of land and the animal units. 

 11. I live in a duplex, am I able to have livestock under this ordinance?  

Answer: No, you would not be allowed to have any livestock, as the minimum allowance is for single residential lots.   Also, the distance requirements would most likely prevent any livestock from being on the property.

 12. The Ordinance states that you cannot have fowl and rabbit coops or hutches in the front yard.  Can I put it in the side yard?

 Answer: That would depend on the lay out of the property, if the distance restrictions were met, if it is outside a fenced area.    Give the Animal Control Officer a call and he can check to see if you will be in violation by placing the coop or hutch in the side yard.