Police Department

The City of Lampasas Police Department is committed to the highest standards of performance, utilizing the best practices in policing, and reflecting the value of the city it serves.

What the Department Provides to the City

The City of Lampasas Police Department provides:

  • Community crime prevention services
  • Conducts investigations in response to reported crimes
  • Generates and maintains records of all police related incidents
  • Generates and maintains records of all reported crimes
  • Patrol to all parts off the city
  • Provides emergency response to major accidents, natural disasters, civil disorders, and other public emergencies
  • Responds to calls for animal control, code enforcement, and police service

Being Committed to the Community

The Lampasas Police Department is committed to the highest professional standards; working in partnership with our citizens to problem solve and meet the challenges of reducing crime, creating a safer environment, and improving the quality of life for the members of our community.

The police department strives to maintain the trust of the Lampasas community by actively engaging with the neighborhood it serves. We listen to our community and we respond to their concerns.

The Officers of the Lampasas Police Department

The men and women of the City of Lampasas Police Department are honored to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Lampasas. We are proud of the way in which we interact with the community in our continuing collaborative problem solving efforts. In a concerted effort to be transparent with the community, we strive for excellence in providing all of the requirements necessary from a full service police department.

The department is organized into eight divisions: Administration, Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Records, Communications, Animal Control, Code Enforcement, and the Lampasas Animal Shelter.

The Administration Division consist of the Chief of Police and the Division supervisors that oversee the day to day operations of the department.

The Patrol Division consists of all uniformed police officers to include one Patrol Lieutenant, two Patrol Sergeants, one School Resource Officer Sergeant, five School Resource Officers, and nine patrol officers.

The Criminal Investigations Division includes the Assistant Chief of Police, three Sergeant Investigators.

The Code Enforcement Division includes one Sergeant assigned to Code Enforcement. The patrol division handles minor code violations and refers major violations to the sergeant assigned to Code Enforcement.

The Records Division is maintained by the Communications Supervisor that oversees the day to day operations of records and the Communications Division.

The Communications Division includes ten Telecommunications Officers with one assigned to the day to day data entry.

The Animal Control Division includes one Animal Control Officer.

The Lampasas Animal Shelter is managed by the Lampasas Police Department under the direction of the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police. The Lampasas Animal Shelter has three employees that include a Shelter Supervisor and two Shelter Techs/Animal Control Officers.