The Street Department, which consist of eight employees, is responsible for approximately 95 miles of streets, as well as; city-owned parking lots, and drainage areas within the corporate limits. The department constructs and maintains city-owned streets, rights-of-way, and drainages, keeping them in serviceable condition to ensure the safety and welfare of the public. The department is also responsible for the trimming of trees above the street and around the stop and yield signs. If there are any line of site issues, the department is responsible for trimming the bushes or limbs that are causing the problem. The Street Department mows approximately 80 acres of drainage and right-of-ways around town. The departmental planning and C.I.P. committee recommendations determine the major core of the paving and maintenance programs submitted yearly to council for approval.

Paving Streets

Streets that are paved are scheduled based on a rating system determined by the condition of streets, and other mitigating factors to assure that all streets are considered in the maintenance or paving activities. The determination also requires a yearly reassessment of all the streets, which helps in determining future maintenance and paving activities. This department does the supervision and inspections of all contract projects relating to streets and drainage.

The Street Department also conducts a brush pickup program during March and November and allows citizens to dispose brush at the barn on Fridays from 8am to 3pm. The brush collected at the city barn is placed into the incinerator and burned. We do not accept household trash, appliances or construction debris. Also, we do not accept brush after 3pm.


Maintenance activities include:

  • Blade cold lays for level ups
  • Pothole repair
  • Seal coating on various types of asphalt

The department also conducts a street sweeping program throughout the year to assist in keeping the community clean. Other maintenance activities include blading and maintaining existing dirt roads, maintain and clear out open-air, piped, and concrete drainages. The Street Department responds to emergency conditions such as flooding, ice storms, wind storms/tornados and auto accidents. Duties include barricading, clearing debris, and sanding of bridges and city streets during icy conditions and fuel spills.