Public Works

The primary function of the department is to ensure that high quality maintenance of existing infrastructure occurs to produce a high level of customer service. The department ensures that the city is meeting state and federal reporting requirements and regulations for the wastewater plant, collection, and distribution systems. The Public Works Department conducts the formal bid process, prepares contracts, and performs inspections of all public works construction projects and initiates planning and organizing activities of the department. This department also researches and makes recommendations to the city manager on the following policies programs and ordinances:

  • Water right issues
  • C.C.N. development
  • Utility service extensions
  • Water loss reduction program
  • Wastewater load testing policy
  • Electric system expansion implementation
  • Implementation of drainage study improvements
  • Street and utility program improvements
  • Water distribution system improvements
  • Annual operations

About the Director

The Public Works director manages the personnel and operations of the Public Works, Electric and Street Departments, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment plants, and water transmission services. The director works closely with the city's engineers on capital projects and investigates and submits applications with the city grant administrators on federal and state funding projects. The director also provides city management with recommendations and analytical information concerning policy and service proposals and makes public presentations regarding those projects and programs.