Water / Wastewater

Water / Wastewater Administration

The departmental activities are shared between the city manager, public works director, and the plant operations manager. The functions within this department include the supervision, planning, budgeting, purchasing, and overall operations for the wastewater plant and Collection / Distribution Department. The manager assists the director with renewal of permits.

The plant operations manager responsibilities include the supervision of the staff for the data collected on the city’s master water meters; assisting in the protection and acquisition of water rights, water infrastructure, and transmission facilities; administration of daily operations; monthly reporting of facilities permitted to TCEQ, EPA, and other required governmental entities. The plant operations manager is also responsible for the supervision of the maintenance and operation of the water system infrastructure. The manager makes recommendations to the director of public works for improvements, replacements, and upgrades as described in a water / wastewater study.

Plant Operations

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is required to staff the plant with certified operators according to TCEQ regulations. These operators are responsible for all operations, testing, sampling, reporting requirements, maintenance, and grounds keeping. Operations include receiving the city’s wastewater influent, treating, and effluent discharge within the permit requirements from the state and federal regulatory agencies.

The plant operations staff is responsible for processing and testing the sludge from the treatment plant and pretreatment plant. The plant staff is also responsible for overseeing and implementing the industrial pretreatment program and monitoring for compliance.