Building & Planning

Building & Planning Department

The Building and Planning Department is responsible for all duties associated with building inspections, code enforcement, and planning and zoning. Respectively, these departments are responsible for insuring compliance with all adopted building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and gas codes, as well as all state and federal regulations related thereto. This is done through a system of construction plan reviews, permit issuance and tracking, and on-site inspections.

Other Responsibilities of the Department

In cooperation with the Lampasas Police Department, this department is responsible for investigation of complaints related to public health and safety regulations, minimum housing standards, and for the abatement of public nuisances. This department coordinates all activities related to the administration and enforcement of the zoning, Subdivision and Flood Protection Ordinances, and is responsible for processing all subdivision plat proposals, rezoning requests, and related matters.


The mission of the Building and Planning Department is to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment by reasonable enforcement of the adopted codes and ordinances, providing efficient customer service, and ensuring quality in the design, construction, and use of properties within the City of Lampasas.


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