Hole Description

Hole No. 1

This 353-yard Par 4 plays as a slight dog-leg to the left. The two tiered green is flanked by a sand trap to the left. Golfers will want to avoid hitting over the green, so the ball does not fall downhill.

Hole No. 2

The green on this 355-yard Par 4 is surrounded by water when there is sufficient rain. It was rebuilt after the green was damaged by the floodwaters in 2007.

Hole No. 3

The hole is a 336-yard Par 4 that has a slight dog-leg curve to the left.

Hole No. 4

This 345-yard Par 4, has a tight fairway. Golfers have to decide if they want to hit an iron or another club out into the fairway, or take a gamble and drive for the green. A big pecan tree stands about 60-70 yards from the tee box to the right.

Hole No. 5

The hole crosses Sulphur Creek, and the green is the closest to the pro shop and a practice putting green.

Hole No. 6

This is the shortest hole on the course at 120 yards. It features a larger green than many holes on the course.

Hole No. 7

A 500-yard Par 5, the hole has two large hills, and the green is uphill of the tee box.

Hole No. 8

The 140-yard Par 3 has an elevated tee box, and the creek runs behind the green. Like No. 5, this hole has a green that is slanted from the back to the front.

Hole No. 9

This is the longest hole on the course, at 505 yards. The Par 5 curves slightly to the left, and the creek runs alongside the fairway to the left.

Hole No. 10

Another Par 5, No. 10 measures just one yard shorter than the ninth. The creek runs along the left side of the fairway, and players must hit over a ravine to reach the green.

Hole No. 11

A tree on the right front of the green causes problems for some golfers, and the creek forms a hazard behind the green. This is a short Par 3 hole, at 160 yards.

Hole No. 12

A 387-yard Par 4, the hole has a wide fairway and is probably the most open tee shot on the golf course. It has a very small elevated green that is hard to hit.

Hole No. 13

This is a tough Par 4. It measures 297 yards, but the elevated green and the water hazard in front of the green can be challenging to play.

Hole No.14

The one is a longer Par 4. At 366 yards, this hole has a dog-leg to the right. Power hitters may try to drive through the dog-leg to set up a short, second shot on the green.

Hole No. 15

No 15. is one of the tightest drives on the golf course, and it has one of the smallest greens. The right side is guarded by two very large pecan trees. This Par-5 hole measures 478 yards.

Hole No. 16

This hole is very drivable and is basically hazard free. A 279-yard Par 4, it offers on the of the course's best possibilities for a birdie.

Hole No. 17

This hole remains a tight fairway with out-of-bounds on the left. The green is not very wide, but it's very deep. This 221-yard Par 3 is probably the most difficult par on the back nine.

Hole No. 18

A Par 4, the hole measures 314 yards from the championship tee to the pin. A large tree on the right side near the green and out-of-bounds on the left are the main challenges.