Fees included on your utility bill are water, electric, wastewater, and sanitation. Sanitation fees are not included on utility bills for customers outside of the city limits, customers must contract with the waste provider of their choice. Street maintenance fees are also included, with such fees being used solely for providing for maintenance and upkeep of city streets. The voluntary EMS fee noted on the utility bill is transferred to Lampasas County on a monthly basis. If you pay the EMS fee and have to be transferred by the EMS service, notify the county for any reimbursable monies that you may have paid in.

NOTE: Starting October 1, 2018, there will be a 2% processing charge on all credit/debit card transactions.

Fee Type Cost
Street Maintenance Fee $7
Connect, Transfer, Reconnect $25
Temporary Service Connect $25
Disconnect Fee (Customer Request) N/A
Disconnect Fee (Non-Payment of Bill) $30
Meter Re-Read Fee $20
After Hours Service Charge $50
Door Tag Fee $20
Insufficient Check Charge $35
Confidentiality Requests $5
Other Services $20
Contract Administration Fee
Electric Deposit (Resident / Small General Commercial) $125
Water/Wastewater Deposit (Resident / Small General Commercial) $75
Electric Deposit (Large General Commercial) $300
Water/Wastewater Deposit (Large General Commercial) $200
Processing fee on all credit/debit card transactions

Please note: Deposits are subject to increase based upon credit history.