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Application for Employment


  1. 1. Application for Employment
  2. 2. Agreement
  3. 3. Employment Information (to be filled out by personnel department)
  4. 4. Disclosure to Employees and Prospective Employees
  5. 5. Authorization to Request and Obtain Information
  6. 6. DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification
  • Application for Employment

    1. Logo (main)
    2. Applicant Information
    3. Are you under 18?*
    4. Could you verify age after employment?*
    5. Are you a citizen of the U.S.A?*
    6. If no, are you legally eligible to be in the U.S.A?*
    7. Have you ever been known by any other names which our company will require to verify your educational and employment records as furnished in this application?*
    8. Have you been previously employed with the City of Lampasas?*
    9. Do you have any relations in our employ?*
    10. Education History
    11. Military Training
    12. Licenses & Certifications
    13. Have you ever served in the U.S. Military?*
    14. Foreign Languages
    15. Read
    16. Write
    17. Speak
    18. Read
    19. Write
    20. Speak
    21. Employment History
    22. Give details of you last five employers and, where necessary, list other previous positions which will account for your employment record over the past ten years. List present or last positions first and account for all periods of unemployment. Include details of military service where service specialties or duties may be relevant to the job you are seeking with our company. Please use a separate sheet of paper if necessary.
    23. May we contact your present employer?
    24. References (preferably business references)
    25. History
    26. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?*
    27. If yes, list the offenses, on the next two lines that you were convicted of. When, where and what was the disposition of the cases?
    28. Has your application for bond ever been rejected?*