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Zoning Application

  1. Long-Logo
  2. Zoning Application
  3. Anticipated Meeting Dates
  4. Application Type
  5. General location - approximate distance to nearest existing street corner
  6. Must also attach accurate metes and bounds description
  7. Survey/Abstract No. and Tracts; or platted Subdivision Name with Lots/Block
  10. Submittal Deadline
    30 days prior to P&Z Public Hearing Date. All zoning appliations must be advised in the newspaper, and notices must be mailed to all property owners within 200 feet of the subject property. Please contact City staff in advance for submittal deadlines.
  11. Application Requirements
    All applications must be complete before they will be scheduled for P&Z agenda. It is the applicants responsibility to be familiar with, and to comply with, all City submittal requirements (in the Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances, and any separate submittal policies, requirements and/or checklists that may be obtained from City staff), including the number of plans to be submitted, application fees, etc. Please contact City staff in advance for submittal requirements. All application materials (one copy) must be delivered to the City's Planner. The name, phone number, etc. of the City's Planner can be obtained from City staff. Failure to submit all materials to the City's Planner may result in delays scheduling the development application for a P&Z agenda. The City will invoice the applicant for all consulting fees (by City's Planner, Engineer, Attorney, etc.) incurred for City review of this project.
  12. Notice of Public Records
    The submission of plans/drawings with this application makes such items public record, and the applicant understands that they may be viewed by the general public. Unless the applicant expressly states otherwise in writing submission of this application (with associated plans/drawings) will be considered consent by the applicant that the general public may view and/or reproduce (i.e., copy) such documents.
  13. Electronic Signature (owner or authorized agent)*
    I hereby certify that I am the Owner, or the duly authorized agent of the Owner (proof of authorization attached), for the purposes of this application, and that all information submitted herein is complete, true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that submitting this application does not constitute approval, and incomplete applications will result in delays and possible denial.
  14. Disclaimer*
    I understand that this permit is not valid without proper payment/receipt if applicable and must have City Official approval/signature.
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