How do you determine if an animal is adoptable or if it will be euthanized?

Once an animal has completed its impound time or is surrendered by its’ owner, it will be placed up for adoption, sent to one of our rescue partners, or will be humanely euthanized. If an animal does not meet our adoption criteria, it will not be placed up for adoption through our shelter. The animal will either be sent to one of our rescue partners or it will be humanely euthanized. In balancing the welfare of the animals with our responsibility to the public we recognize that not all animals are suitable for placement. When the difficult decision is made to end an animal’s life, we perform compassionate euthanasia.

For an animal to meet our adoption criteria it must NOT:

  • Show aggression to other animals beyond what we think is reasonable
  • Show aggression to people or have a bite history
  • Have a medical problem that requires immediate medical attention
  • Become overly stressed or destructive while housed in a shelter environment

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