Child Fire Awareness

Fire Awareness for Children

Each year hundreds of children die in home fires started by children who were using matches or lighters. Children as young as two have started fires with matches and lighters. Many children who start fires are merely curious about fire; others are using fire in anger or as a cry for help, or as an act of vandalism. Any act of fire setting, regardless of motivation, is dangerous and must be handled properly.

In addition to keeping matches and lighters out of reach, you can begin to teach your child early about fire safety and prevention. Contact your local fire department and schedule a visit to the fire station. Most have information and programs specifically for children.

Fire Prevention Activities

At home, you can teach fire safety with these interactive activities, games, and projects that are geared toward the young child.

  • Print out this "Never Play with These" poster and discuss the hazards of playing with matches, lighters, and cigarettes.
  • Print out this "Items Used in Fighting Fires" poster and help your child name and identify them.
  • Preschoolers will enjoy playing Hydro's Hazard House, an interactive online game designed to help children identify fire hazards in the home.
  • Print out this "What's Hot and What's Not" poster for your preschooler or older toddler, to help identify things that may be dangerously hot.
  • Sing this Firefighters song.