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July 20, 2023

City of Lampasas Fire Marshal Implements Citywide Burn Ban

The City of Lampasas Fire Marshal is implementing a citywide burn ban under the authority of adopted Fire Code (International Fire Code 2021 Section 307.1.1) beginning July 20, 2023. The burn ban will remain in effect for ninety (90) days, ending October 20, 2023. Outdoor burning within the City of Lampasas will not be allowed and the issuance of burn permits will cease for the duration of the burn ban.

Outdoor burning allowed without permit. Burning is allowed regardless of burn ban when used solely for recreational or ceremonial purposes, in the non-commercial preparation of food, or exclusively as a means of generating warmth in cooler weather. In other words, campfires and cooking fires are allowed. Fires of this nature should be constructed in a nonflammable container. A 55-gallon barrel with a metal screen over the top is acceptable. A below ground level fire is acceptable if the ground level has an established metal or masonry border.

We encourage citizens to use extreme caution when conducting work related activities such as welding, metal grinding, and metal fabrication. These work related activities are extremely hazardous during dry conditions, workers should post at a minimum, one person as a designated fire watch during these operations.

The Fire Marshal will continue to monitor actual and predicted dry weather conditions and forecasted wildfire levels. The decision to implement this burn ban is based on forecasted weather models and current and predicted fire danger levels throughout the State of Texas. According to the Texas A&M Forest Service forecast, Lampasas is currently in “Very High” fire danger conditions.

When the fire danger is “Very High”, fires will start easily and will spread rapidly with a quick increase in intensity. Small fire can quickly become larger fires exhibiting extreme intensity with long -distance spotting and fire whorls. These fires are difficult to bring under control and will often become larger, longer-lasting fires.

The implementation, education, and enforcement of this burn ban will ensure the safety and well-being of both the citizens of the City of Lampasas and its first responders.

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