Things You Should Know


  1. Choose Your Ideal Campsite: We offer two distinctive camping experiences. When registering, decide based on your preferences, and enjoy the unique charms each site brings!
  • Cosmic Camp-out at Creek’s Edge at W.M. Brook Park: Located within the town, this site offers campers the advantage of being close to local amenities, blending the beauty of nature with urban conveniences. This site only offers camping campsites. 
  • Beyond the Horizon with NASA at 580 Sports Complex: Situated a bit further from town, this location provides a unique opportunity. Not only do you get a more immersive nature experience, but you also have the privilege of learning directly from NASA experts. Select this site if you're looking to combine your love for the outdoors with a thirst for celestial knowledge. This site offers camping and RV campsites.
  1. Campsite Provisions: Each purchased campsite includes one parking space and a 20x20 camping area. If your tents and equipment exceed the 20x20 area, you'll need to secure an additional campsite. Do note that your parking space is about a 10-minute walk from your campsite.
  2. RV Campsite Details: When you purchase an RV campsite, it comes with one parking spot for your vehicle and a 20x50 space for your RV. While tents are permitted, they must be set up outside the designated RV area. Kindly note there's no on-site dumping facility for RVs, and your parking spot is approximately a 10-minute walk from the RV campsite.
  3. First Come, First Serve: Both campsites and RV sites operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Regrettably, you cannot reserve your ideal spot in advance. Upon arrival on the event day, you're free to pick the best available spot that meets your requirements.
  4. Camping Schedule: Camping commences at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 6, and concludes at 10 p.m. on Monday, April 8. Campers arriving outside of these specified times risk trespassing charges.
  5. Preparation is Key: Before you arrive, make certain you've packed all essentials: shelter, food, water, clothing, safety gear, lighting, and hygiene items. While camping offers a refreshing return to nature's simplicity, it's crucial to be self-sufficient and have everything you might need on hand. Being prepared enhances your overall experience and safety.
  6. Party Size & Identification: When registering for your campsite, it's essential to specify the number of people in your party. This allows us to provide the appropriate number of wristbands, ensuring our staff can quickly identify authorized attendees. Wristbands play a vital role in maintaining the event's security and ensuring that only registered campers have access to the venue. Always wear your wristband throughout the event to help us create a safe and organized environment for everyone.
  7. Vehicle & Attendee Identification: Each registered campsite is permitted only one vehicle. Upon registration, attendees will receive wristbands for their party members and a placard for their vehicle. It's crucial for both safety and organization that these are displayed prominently. The wristbands help our staff swiftly identify authorized attendees, while the placard aids in recognizing approved vehicles. Please be aware that bringing more than one vehicle per campsite is not allowed. Ensure that your wristbands are worn at all times and that the placard is clearly visible in your vehicle to streamline access and maintain the event's security.
  8. Registration & Payment Protocol: Please note that payment for your campsite must be made during the registration process. To ensure a seamless experience for all attendees, we will not accommodate on-the-spot registration or payments at the gate on the day of the event. All registrations and associated payments must be finalized in advance. This policy helps us maintain order, streamline entry, and ensure a smooth start to your camping experience.
  9. Pet Protocol: All pets must be leashed at all times for the safety and comfort of all attendees.
  10. Fire Safety: To ensure everyone's safety, open flames are strictly prohibited. 
  11. Respect Nature: We are fortunate to experience this event in such beautiful surroundings. Please ensure you leave no trace by properly disposing of waste and respecting the environment around you.
  12. Safety First: For the safety and well-being of all attendees, please adhere to all event rules and follow instructions from staff and security personnel.
  13. Be Considerate: Remember, everyone is here to enjoy the celestial wonders. Please maintain a reasonable noise level, especially during nighttime hours, to ensure a pleasant experience for all. 
  14. Emergency: We anticipate a memorable and hassle-free event for everyone. However, for your safety, always remain vigilant. Should any emergency arise, our onsite security team is available for immediate notification. Yet, always bear in mind that camping inherently carries certain risks. Preparedness and prioritizing your safety are essential.