Solicitor/Vendor Permits



Solicitor/Vendor Permits- Condensed Version 

Solicitation activities means the practices of solicitors as listed in this section. 

Solicitor means any person, whether a resident of the city or not, including an employee or agent of another, traveling either by foot, automobile, truck, or other type of conveyance, who engages in the practice of going door-to-door, house-to-house, or along any streets within the city for the purpose of:  

  • Selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for goods, merchandise, wares or other items of value for future delivery, or services to be performed in the future, or for commercial purposes; or 
  • Requesting contribution of funds, soliciting money, property or anything of value; soliciting the pledge of any type of future donation, project or candidate support, or vote; or selling or offering for sale any type of property, including but not limited to the sale of goods, tickets, books and pamphlets, for political, commercial or noncommercial purposes (e.g. solicitations for and sales of political, charitable, or religious documents and/or items); or 
  • Distributing political advertising, brochures, or handbills and/or seeking, polling, or requesting public opinions or sentiments related to political or other public interest issues, concerns or events. 

Sec. 22-92. - Application.

 To apply for permit please visit City Hall, City Secretary’s Office located at 312 E Third Street.  

The application for a peddler, solicitor, or vendor permit shall contain all information relevant and necessary to determine whether a particular permit may be issued including, but not limited to:

  • The applicant's name, telephone number, address, birth-date, physical description: driver's license number and state; or an official, government-issued picture identification document; and the state sales tax identification number, if any.
  • If the applicant is acting for or on behalf of any commercial, or noncommercial organization, the name, telephone number and address of such organization shall be included in the application.
  • The application shall include the following for each individual involved in the activities regulated in this article: name, telephone number, address, birth-date, physical description: driver's license number and state; and an official, government-issued picture identification document.
  • A description of the nature, character and quality of the goods or merchandise to be sold and/or being offered for sale shall be included in the application.
  • A description (year, make, color, and type) and permit plate number and state of all vehicles to be used in soliciting, peddling and vending shall be included.

The applicant must provide original identifying documents to the city secretary or his/her designee, upon request.

A valid sales tax permit issued by the state comptroller of public accounts shall be included.

Copies of pertinent corporate documentation from Secretary of State of state of the business entity's formation, or substantially similar documentation for entity's applicable structure, if any.

Sec. 22-93. - Fees.

All peddlers, solicitors, and vendors not exempt under section 22-95 shall pay a permit fee to the city secretary. The fee is in an amount established by the city and listed in appendix A of this Code for each individual and/or business engaged in peddling, soliciting and vending activities.

Fee- $45.00 + $10.00 background check. 

Sec. 22-94. - Form; validity; record-keeping; additional personal requirements; renewals.

The permit shall be a copy of the original application under section 22-92, with an official stamp indicating approval by the city secretary. Each solicitor permit will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance, each vendor permit will be valid for either 30 consecutive days or for four consecutive weekends, unless otherwise terminated or revoked pursuant to the terms of this article or other applicable law. 

The city secretary will retain the original of the approved permit(s) for official records. The permit may not be represented as an endorsement or approval by the city of the purposes of a solicitation or a product offered by permittee.

One copy of the permit will be provided to the chief of police by the city secretary, and will be maintained in the files of the police department for a period of one year.

Sec. 22-101. - Hours of peddling, solicitation, and vending activities.

It shall be unlawful for a peddler, vendor, or solicitor to conduct activities listed in section 22-66, except between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., seven days a week. 

For the complete Solicitor/Vendor Ordinance please refer to the link below: